RMI Telecommunications Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a provider of telecommunications solutions and development for PABX and key systems, and IT consultancy services in Griffith NSW, as well as web hosting to several high profile corporate clients in Sydney.  In late 1997 the company expanded and established its ISP arm, Stealth Internet, which provided dialup internet services in Brisbane.  The internet was a relatively new technology at this time, with many people unsure what it entailed, but were keen to test the waters of this exciting new technology.In 1998 a large gap was identified in the provision of affordable internet services to Griffith in regional NSW, our home base. This led to the expansion of Stealth Internet to cover Griffith and Leeton.  Shortly after inception of the Stealth Internet Griffith office,  RMI Telecommunications Pty Ltd became the owner of Stealth Internet and Griffith Stealth Technologies.  At the helm of RMI Telecommunications was Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Raymond McIntosh. RMI Telecommunications Pty Ltd led a new wave of internet tech, including CTI (Computer telephony integration) and advanced network infrastructure such as satellite up-links bringing faster, cheaper internet with unlimited downloads. The company has then expanded into broadband internet in 2003 under the banner of Ultrawave Internet and webhosting in 2006 as Osmosis Digital. RMI Telecommunications has sold the brands Stealth Internet, Ultrawave Internet and Osmosis Digital, and is no longer trading.

Mr. Raymond McIntosh
(1980 – 2009 RIP)
Chief Executive Officer
RMI Telecommunications Pty Ltd

Shop at 444b Banna Ave, Griffith NSW 2680, Circa. 1999.

RMI Telecommunications logo. Circa. 1999.

One of our original brands, Stealth Technologies. Circa. 1998.

Our original concept logo for the Stealth Internet brand, Circa. 1997.

Our Ultrawave Internet brand, Circa. 2003.